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05/02/13 04:53 PM
Iphone 5, HTC One or Galaxy 4... Help!

My husband bought me an Iphone 5 for our anniversary. It is a beautiful phone, feels great in the hand, has a great external speaker so I don't have to use a headset, and my kids love Siri. The problem is that Apple does not have some of the applications that I used to use on my mytouch 4(txtforward, ring scheduler). Getting personalized rings tones is tantamount to a small surgical procedure (can you say ZEDGE!) when texting I have to select to capitalize after a period, and the difference between my iphone 5 and my old android just keep piling up.

So I am looking into the HTC One or the Galaxy 4. Your reviews are wonderful, I have read them and watched them. They both sound like phones that make you go "I like this". I have held the HTC One and if feels solid like the Iphone 5, I could care less about Blink Feed, I understand it has great external speakers. However my nephew had the HTC Evo and had to replace it within the first year, fortunately it was under warranty. The replacement also had problems just after the first year so I am a little bit leery on HTC dependability. The Galaxy 4 is lightweight and I am sure with the right case will probably feel pretty sturdy, has a boat load of features and the camera features are like really how did they come up with that. I think I like the bang for your buck of the Galaxy 4 and like the fact that the battery is replaceable. However I do not know how the external speakers are. I know they do not compare to the HTC One, but are they comparable to the Iphone 5 in sound, clarity, loudness?

I need a dependable phone, not a disposable phone. Through squaretrade I have a 3 year warranty for $125.00, for Android it will only be for 2 years. I use my phone heavily for text and emails and GPS but not so much for data.

SHould I just stick with the iphone and let it just grow on me or go with Android that has the pplications that I know and love.... if Android, does the Galaxy 4 have speakers as good as the iphone 5? If not is HTC One electronically a more dependable phone then the EVO. Help! I only have one more week to make my decision.

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05/02/13 05:45 PM
Re: Iphone 5, HTC One or Galaxy 4... Help!

Welcome to MTR, 1kaylenej.

iOS does have auto-capitalization. It is under Settings->General->Keyboard, and it is on by default. iOS and Android have different ways of doing things, and you're welcome to choose whichever works best for you, but I personally don't find the custom ringtone procedure for iOS to be difficult at all.

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05/02/13 05:55 PM
Re: Iphone 5, HTC One or Galaxy 4... Help!

What about the volume of the external speaker on the Galaxy 4, is it worse, comparable or better than the iphone 5? I realize the HTO One has "boom box" speakers and is better than the Galaxy isn that aspect.

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05/02/13 06:48 PM
Re: Iphone 5, HTC One or Galaxy 4... Help!

To my ears, the Samsung Galaxy S4's speaker is on par with the iPhone 5 for volume and quality.

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