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08/20/13 04:48 AM
Sony Vaio Pro 4 vs 8gigs of ram

How big of a difference does 4 vs 8 gigs make?

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08/24/13 05:07 PM
Re: Sony Vaio Pro 4 vs 8gigs of ram

I don't know on the average uses but multitasking for me requires 8 gb. I have not had as many problems in windows 8 but even in windows 7 64 bit I use as much as possible. My reason is its faster not impossible. My situations always require more speed than anything. My wife has a new atom tablet with 2gb and she loves it but I have had some issues with 4 gb i7 ULV. It just depends on the needs. In normal uses I don't find a mandatory need for more than 4 gb. But more can be better if you use programs that use your drive as virtual ram. Nowadays though with SSD drives that's not as critical. I hope that helps. If money is an issue see if you can add ram later it is cheaper sometimes. What programs are you running and what are your needs? Maybe I can help I will definitely try.

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