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09/30/13 02:35 PM
Powerful portable ultrabook

Hi Guys

I'm a recent graduate and am just about to start my first job, however this job will be based abroad with a lot of travelling so I need to invest in a good laptop as I cant bring my desktop with me. I'm looking for something lightweight and portable, running windows 8 with a good touch screen preferably in the 13-15inch range. I had considered the surface pro 2 however the small screen size wouldn't cut it as my only computer so have been looking at haswell ultrabook options. As it stands I like the look of the Yoga pro 2 as I'm a fan of the versatile design and am also considering the Samsung Ativ book 9 plus as it just seems like a good laptop. My main worry is that the HD 4400 wont be able to cut it on games. Im not worried about running things like crysis on Ultra, but I would like SimCity, Civ 5, fifa etc all to run smoothly and look good. I don't know of any laptops with haswell in this bracket that have a discrete graphics card and other than the MacBook Air that have a HD 5000 so I was wondering do you guys have any recommendations?

Also worth noting I would like an SSD hard drive and would prefer 8gb's ram, also I am willing to spend a little more for quality, but cant stretch to serious gaming pc amounts.

Thanks in advance!

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10/02/13 12:53 AM
Re: Powerful portable ultrabook

You're right that Intel HD 4400 and even HD 5000 graphics aren't for serious gaming. But they're fine for games like SIM City and Civ V (I play Civ V way too much on my Ultrabook). We'll have a video review of the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus up tomorrow and it's a really sweet machine with a strong casing that's good for travel. The Yoga Pro looks nice but it's not out yet and we don't have a review unit in house yet (hopefully soon).

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10/17/13 08:48 PM
Re: Powerful portable ultrabook

Thanks Lisa great review, now im just looking forward to your yoga pro 2 review so I can make a comparison, hope you get one in soon! Prefer the convertible form factor but worried about battery life on that thing with the super rez screen

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