(junior member)
03/23/08 06:37 PM
Jornada 720 WPC11 connection HELP

I am having MAJOR trouble trying to get a WPC11 instant wireless card to work !
It shows that it is connected and the siganl is GREAT but I canot connect to the internet.
It just comes up and says"A connection with the server could not be established" .
I am sort of new to the Handheld PC thing.What might I be doing wrong?

Thanks for your time on this matter

Steve / Lakeside,Az. (NEWBE)

(Head Honcho)
03/23/08 09:52 PM
Re: Jornada 720 WPC11 connection HELP

Does the network you're trying to connect to use a WEP key? If so, make sure that the WEP key you entered is correct. As far as I recall, the Jornada doesn't support WPA encryption, so make sure that's no enabled on the access point. And lastly, it's always worth it to try a soft reset to reboot the PDA.

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