(junior member)
10/06/04 11:16 PM
moving a book from "unfiled" on Zire72

I am a new user and have downloaded a few reference books, but they all went into "unfiled". I figured out how to create my own category, but cannot figure out how to move them. Can you help? Thanks.

Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
10/07/04 01:16 AM
Re: moving a book from "unfiled" on Zire72

You didn't mention which program you were using. In the case of Docs To Go for word and excel file, hightlight the file on the list, hit Menu button. You should see Detail...option, you can change the file to any category you've created.

(PDA Addict)
10/10/04 07:52 PM
Re: moving a book from "unfiled" on Zire72

For most ebook readers, tapping and holding on the filename or icon in the files list will pop up a context-sensitive menu. "Category" or "Info" is almost always a possible selection. "Category" will allow a direct change. If not, "Info" will bring up an information dialog that should have a pull-down list arrow next to the category name. Tapping on that arrow brings up the category list. eReader from Palm Digital requires you to actually open the document first, then select the Info icon at the bottom.

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