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10/08/04 10:46 PM

I have a dell axim x30 and felt that the stylus is too wide and cannot propely acess the right buttons, is that a problem with the stylus or the touch screen. should i buy a stlyus pen or a thinner stlyus made 2 fit for the dell from ebay?
thanks in advanced
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(Head Honcho)
10/09/04 08:18 PM
Re: Stluys

The X30's stylus is flat and broader than most on one plane, and it could be a bit harder to use if you're lefty (like me) since we tend to not hold the pen at a right angle to a writing surface. While I'm not a fan of flattened stylii like the Dell's, I haven't had much trouble using it. But do try a different kind of stylus and see if it helps.

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