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10/11/04 03:33 AM
hx4700 and betaplayer


This is my first post. I was interested in the Ipaq hx4700 and read the review on this site. I went to a local HP store and requested them to let me try the hx4700 with betaplayer before I decide whether to buy.

I installed the stable version 0.04. and tried the Matrix trailer (640x480 24fps 1500Kbit/s 2-pass Xvid)downloaded from the betaplayer website. It played smoothly on such a wonderful 4" screen. The file size is 29Mb.

After I tested the trailer, I tested my own file encoded using PocketDivxEncoder 0.3.50. The video resolution was set to 320x420 with the video and audio quality set to the maximum allowed by the encoder. The file was intended to be played back on my rx3700. The file size is about 167Mb.

To my surprise, the hx4700 only played a few frames before the video stopped. The audio kept going. I did a soft reset but it did not help. I tested with another video file with the same settings as above (file size is 89Mb) and the result is the same.

My rx3700 played those files smoothly except the matrix trailer at 640x480 resolution.

I was kind of disappointed since the review posted here said it played video smoothly. I was wondering if the reviewer tested with a bigger video file.

I was also wondering if anyone using the hx4700 faced the same problem or is it just me and also wondered if I did something wrong and caused this to happen.

Looking forward to see a reply. Thanks in advance.

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10/11/04 04:40 AM
Re: hx4700 and betaplayer

From what I hear from the developer, you should use the latest "unstable" version for VGA devices like the hx4700 (version .092). That's what I use and it's great- I watch entire DVDs encoded with DVD to Pocket PC and other apps on the iPAQ. Some are 250 megs in size.

Also if you WMV or ASF files you'd like to play full screen, BetaPlayer can do it using the Windows Media plugin available on thier site.

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10/13/04 08:24 AM
Re: hx4700 and betaplayer


Thanks for the reply. It works. Now it plays long video files.

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