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11/29/08 08:22 PM
lack of quality software WM6 other pda's

Just a general question, doing a ton of research in trying to find a smartphone. I recently read a review for the HTC touch pro and was very impressed. The kicker for the Iphone is simplfy media, a program that lets you stream music from up to 30 computers to your phone, nearly eliminating the storage limitations. This is why i have been leaning to the iphone.

So i started doing some research on WM6 software to see if they had anything like this. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. The top google websites for WM6 software were terrible, generic, hard to navigate and from what I saw there was nothing nearly as polished as the IPhone apps, or the most important simply media. Am i missing something or is it just that bad?

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11/30/08 03:32 PM
Re: lack of quality software WM6 other pda's

There are quite a few good applications and games for Windows Mobile but over the years, there's never been one very good site to peruse and buy them-- at least not one that compares with Apple's App Store. But and would be two of the largest in terms of selection.

There are a couple of solutions that can handle streaming your home music collection-- LobsterTunes, I believe PocketTunes and even Windows Media Player mobile in conjuction with a file manager like Resco's that shows and mounts networks shares.

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12/01/08 06:11 PM
Re: lack of quality software WM6 other pda's


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