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12/04/08 03:06 PM
what happens when windows mobile gets an upgrade

I am thinking of getting the new HTC touch pro which uses Windows mobile 6.1. Have been doing a lot of research on it and one of the pro and cons is windows mobile. My question is, if WM ever gets an upgrade (WM 7.0?) in the future, can I upgrade this phone? Not sure how updates work in the mobile world, are you stuck with what you got when you bought the phone.

On a different OS but similar note, if Androids UI ever really takes off would it be possible to install that OS on the phone as well?

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12/04/08 05:43 PM
Re: what happens when windows mobile gets an upgrade


It is up to each individual company that makes Windows Mobile devices to decide if they will offer firmware upgrades or not. If a major new release of Windows Mobile comes out, sometimes vendors will choose to provide an upgrade to some existing users, but others times they do not, or cannot because of increased requirements in the new version.

There has never been a phone where it was legally possible to install a different OS entirely (e.g. from Windows Mobile to Android), although hackers have sometimes found ways to bypass security measures and/or install Linux on phones.

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