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01/09/09 05:18 PM
Macbook problem!

I have had my Macbook for about two and half-to-three years and I've never had any problems until recently. On Dec 23rd it froze, so I restarted it by (regretfully) holding down the power key. When it restarted, the blue screen appeared after the signature Apple tune but there was no Apple logo or anything else as normal; instead there was a large flashing image of a file folder with a big question mark on it. There's also a quiet clicking noise that I've noticed.

Does anyone know what that means and/or how I might be able to fix it? Is this a major problem with my hard disc?

I'm based in BWI for the next 8 months and don't have my OS X install discs that came with my Macbook with me (thery're back in the UK), my warranty has expired and I'm not aware of a Macbook specialist on the island....(groan)...I'm extremely desperate and would appreciate any advice and /or help...please...
thanku lots and lots...

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02/04/09 01:21 AM
Re: Macbook problem!

Unless you have some sort of troubleshooting product (like a TechTool Protogo from Micromat), unfortunately you absolutely must have the OS X install discs to fix this. You could buy new discs or borrow a friend's (you should check if that's legal first, but if you already rightfully own the same version of OS X that you are borrowing, it is unlikely to be a big deal).

If you are able to boot into single user mode (hold command-option-S at startup), you could try entering the command fsck -y to see if you can fix some disk errors (if there are any), but it is very unlikely (though not impossible) that this alone would get you up and running again.

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