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01/11/09 11:23 PM
ppc 6700 password?

We bought the PC PPC 6700 yesterday used and it still had all of the guy that we bought it from's stuff on it, so we emptied it and restored the factory settings. We had set up a passowrd on it prior to doing so, but after we restored the original settings, the password doesn't work.

We were going to have the phone activated today, but now can't get into it at all. The passowrd timer is up to like 33 minutes before we can even click the OK button, and we have no idea what the password is. Is there an original or a reset password for this pocket PC, or did we just waste our money and lock ourselves out for good?

Please help!!

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01/12/09 03:15 AM
Re: ppc 6700 password?

The default password on HTC phones is usually 1234 (this is used to hard reset the phone).

Other than that, Sprint uses the last 4 digits of the phone number for some password functions.

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01/25/09 06:19 PM
how to sync my ppc 6700 to my desk top

i just bought this 6700 and was told to go to to download the required software to sync my phone to pc. but i'm having trouble finding the correct software. can you shed any light on this. i'm kinda stumped! thank, josh

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01/26/09 01:34 AM
Re: how to sync my ppc 6700 to my desk top

That's a bad URL (someone is squatting on it and it's not owned by Microsoft). You want to go to for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC resources. Here's the URL to download ActiveSync for Windows XP: .

If you're running Vista then you'll use Sync Center instead, which is an installable component of Vista. Here's the URL for that download:

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