(junior member)
02/13/09 12:36 AM

I'm back. Forgot to ask about something else. Of course it will help later once i get this failed Life Drive working. Some time ago I started getting error messages after hot synching. I enguired back to palm and they gave me a procedure to follow. I tried to foll it but things did't work the way they said they would. My question is that they said the likilhood of the inability to satisfactorily Hot Sync was third part software. I really don't know what that is and where di I get it. I've downloaded free ware from Palm websites and installed purchased software like Bejeweled (love that game!!!). Would this "thrid party" be one of the free wares? Should I avoid them?

(Head Honcho)
02/13/09 02:09 AM

Third party software means any software not made by Palm or included with the device. Sometimes 3rd party apps can cause syncing problems but generally not games like Bejeweled (which is often bundled with Palm PDAs!). Apps that do their own syncing or hack/enhance the built-in apps that do sync (calendar, address book, to-do) can sometimes cause problems. It's also easy for tech support to blame 3rd party apps because they're variables outside "fresh from the box and guaranteed to work" experience.

What other apps have you downloaded and installed onto the LifeDrive?

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