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02/17/09 05:11 AM
Pda questions

I have an IPAQ RX3715. If I get a Windows SmartPhone 6.? can I still use the same programs I am currently using? If yes, do I have to repurchase them again or am I allowed to transfer (previously purchased) them to a new device?

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02/20/09 03:13 PM
Re: Pda questions

Hello duck2092000.

The answer is, "It depends." Some of your apps may run without modification on WM6, while others may require an update, and some may not work at all. You might want to contact the individual developers regarding compatibility questions.

You should not have to pay a second time to move your apps to the new WM device, as long as you delete them from the old device (for legal reasons). However, if you need an update to your program for compatibility, it is up to the developer whether or not they charge for updates.

05/14/09 06:03 AM
Re: Pda questions

Having been a "Palmie" for 10 years, I'm a new user of the iPaq 2490, and am loving it. It seems to me, this Windows Mobile 5 device released at the end of 2005, was way ahead of it's time. I try to keep up with trends, and it looks like Apple's iPhone has knocked the "stand-alone PDA" on its butt.

A former Bostonian in Jerusalem, I noted recently that many of the high-end phones sold here are Touch screen. Ugh... OK, OK it's just a preference. QUESTION: What's the future of the stand-alone [no phone] PDA?

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05/15/09 02:46 AM
Re: Pda questions

Sadly, the future looks pretty slim. HP has been committed to standalone PDAs, but that will probably last only as long as their enterprise clients express interest and desire. Even Palm has nearly left that space. These days, folks who love their iPAQs get a Windows Mobile PDA phone for their next device rather than a standalone Windows Mobile PDA it seems.

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07/16/09 01:20 PM
Re: Pda questions

well, in the interest of economy, i purchased a "used-refurbished-Palm and now find out it was not "cleaned" by the computer repair man. It appears to have been someone elses. i've already deleted a lot of stuff, but now find out that i need to have a disc to integrate to my desktop.,,,,,,Help can i get some kind of start up disc to make this Palm mine!!??..thankyou seven

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02/18/10 08:37 PM
Re: Pda questions

I have a compaq Ipaq 3850 and a buy a new memory card 4G and he wanned too show it on my pda and i give him a hard reset and it works not

What can i do about this problem ???

Pleas help me

Grzz Jeroen

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