(junior member)
03/12/09 04:44 AM
Dell Axim X51 problem HELP!!!!!

I am having a problem with my dell axim X51 and cant seem to find a fix ANYWHERE!!! I am running ROM version A05 with windows mobile 5.0 OS 5.1.7. It shows a total storage memory of 76.16 MB with 2.42 MB used. It also shows a total program memory of 50.69 MB with 14.05 MB used. I have the processor set to max performance.

The problem Im having is that certain functions are SLOW. the start menu takes about 30 seconds to load, as does the file explorer, excell mobile, and most of the other programs. maybe this is normal, but it just seems VERY slow to me. this unit was given to me a while back, and if I remember right it would work fine, and then it would start doing this. a hard reset used to fix the problem, but now it doesn't. any ideas on what it could be? any fixes out there? any help would be MUCH appreciated!!!!!

(Head Honcho)
03/13/09 02:12 AM
Re: Dell Axim X51 problem HELP!!!!!

No it shouldn't take more than 2-3 seconds to open the Start menu. If a hard reset (completely wiping the PDA to factory state) doesn't fix the problem, it's likely a hardware problem .

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