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06/20/09 09:16 PM
LG Incite app problem

I have trying to get a few freeware applications to work on my phone. I have one that is a media player and installed with no problems. However , it can not access my info on my phone . It says that it needs permission to access files from memory card etc.

If you access tools/java/ applications you can select a app and go to menu at the bottom of the screen. You can select permissions , but only gives you options to block it or ask every time. I have every time selected but never seen anything that asks me if it is ok when app launches.

There must be something else where , but I have not found it yet. I hope someone here,can help me out. Once I figure this out and get the new apps to work,I will post some reviews on this forum.

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06/21/09 12:17 AM
Re: LG Incite app problem

Unfortunately, carriers (in this case AT&T) often lock down Java applications which means annoying nag prompts for permission and they're often sandboxed and prevented from accessing the cell radio for data and the storage card.

It's easier to go with regular exe programs on Windows Mobile than Java applications to avoid that problem.

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06/21/09 02:00 AM
Re: LG Incite app problem

Well that kind of sucks. So they pin you down to buy all the programs that they have or nothing.. Do you know any sites other than microsoft that have window programs ,I could check out and download. Microsoft has a limited amout of programs that they have so far, but there must be some freeware ones out there to try also.

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