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07/17/09 06:37 PM
Garmin XT & Nokia E71

I google the subject, and I found many articles about how Garmin couldn't use Nokia E71's internal GPS. Yet, there are a couple of articles that says Garmin XT works with Nokia E71, including Lisa's review on Nokia E71. I am confused. Are those articles for the ones who don't buy legitimate Garmin XT (and so if I buy Garmin XT from Garmin it will work?)? Also, What does the code on the software mean? I saw some have 10-10844-00, and some have 10-11034-00. If I buy one, I want the one has the latest map. Do you know how I find that out? Thank you.

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07/17/09 09:39 PM
Re: Garmin XT & Nokia E71

I used Garmin XT Mobile 5 and it worked like a charm. I did use a genuine copy of the software as it came on the microSD card (that does help ). It may be that folks were trying older versions of Garmin or they had version 5 but didn't visit Garmin's web site to update the card to the latest version of the software.

I have no idea what the code on the box means, but mine is the 11034 version.

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