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07/25/09 09:15 PM
hot cell phone damaged?

I just got a Nokia E71x smartphone for work purposes, after years of using a cheap, basic cell phone that came free with my original 2-year cell phone carrier contract. I recently left the new Nokia smartphone in my car trunk and only later, after a couple of hours had passed, that the thought occurred to me that leaving a cell phone in my car trunk probably wasn't the best idea, given that an enclosed car can heat up quickly to extreme temperatures dangerous to even kids and animals.

My question is this -- and it may be a silly one, I'll admit -- but any feedback would be appreciated: It was about 80 degrees outside on a partly cloudy day when I left the Nokia E71x in my car trunk for 2 (or at most 3) hours, which for a little while anyway, the car was partly shielded from direct sunlight, but now wondering under those conditions did I damage it in anyway or should the new cell still work OK in the future? Thanks.

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07/26/09 02:15 AM
Re: hot cell phone damaged?

I think the Nokia should be just fine. Now if you were here in Texas where it's 100 degrees out with very strong sun, the phone might have cooked (might). But the temps and sun levels you described shouldn't have damaged it.

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07/26/09 09:32 PM
Re: hot cell phone damaged?

If you did damage it, it would most likely be immediately obvious (like it doesn't turn on or it doesn't work right).

Although it is possible for damage to occur that only takes effect after the fact, it is pretty rare for electronics to fail in that way.

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