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10/26/09 06:44 PM
iTunes videos on HTC Imagio - HELP!

I just purchased and received the HTC Imagio and the main reason for doing this was to be able to watch movies when flying on an airplane (Without having the phone connected to WiFi, cellulare signal, etc.) I want to buy and download or download from purchased DVDs movies onto my 16GB microSD card and play them while flying in airplanes. In the review I read on this site it stated,

"We tested the Imagio with movies encoded at VGA wide screen resolution in MPEG4 format (the same H.264 format that's compatible with the iPhone) and were impressed with the results. This is no multimedia weakling: the Imagio"

Does this mean I could buy and download movies to a 16GB mircoSD card from iTunes and watch them on my phone while flying without converting them or whatever? I am not so tech savy so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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10/26/09 10:35 PM
Re: iTunes videos on HTC Imagio - HELP!


Movies purhcased on iTunes have DRM, so they would not work on an Imagio - they can only be played back on iTunes, iPods, and iPhones.

What the review meant is that, if you got an h.264 file without DRM from some other source besides iTunes, it would play on both the Imagio and on an iPhone.

As far as ripping MP4 files from DVD... we used to have pretty comprehensive instructions for this posted here, but since there is a growing consensus that ripping a DVD is illegal because of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, I'm reluctant to say anything further about that now.

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