(junior member)
05/04/10 04:44 PM

Hello I have a question about the N900. I am a current owner and love the phone/tablet. It is truly amazing. Unfortunately it has some rough edges and needs support from Nokia. The community is strong and helpful.

After searching communities and the internet I am wondering: Is Nokia going to update the N900 to either Maemo 6 or Meego? or will it leave it behind?

I am hoping for frequent upgrades like Android. So Since you are the expert(s), I ask you if you have any information. I am contemplating giving this phone up for the N1 if it doesn't see the updates.

(Head Honcho)
05/04/10 04:58 PM
Re: N900

Nokia has said that the N900 will receive an enthusiast/developer upgrade to Meego. It won't be made into a supported release for the general public. As far as I know, the N900 will be the development platform for Meego since there aren't any actual release Meego devices.

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