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06/04/10 11:58 PM
Nokia 5230 Nuron vs. LG Sentio ?

Which is bettter overall - Nokia 5230 Nuron vs. LG Sentio ?

I have switched to T-Mobile and add my line to the family plan.
I do not need a smartphone but occasionally need web access for google maps, email, or basic web surfing.

I am planning to use web2go on T-Mobile's network for $9.99/month.

I ordered the Nokia 5230 Nuron (free of charge) but just found out that the LG Sentio is going to be released 06/30/10. I have 30 days to return the Nokia Nuron. Should I switch to the LG Sentio? I do not know the price of the phone but the specs seem to be a little bit better than the Nuron.

What do you guys think?

(Head Honcho)
06/05/10 12:04 AM
Re: Nokia 5230 Nuron vs. LG Sentio ?

It's hard to say since the Sentio isn't out yet and I haven't seen it in person. I have a feeling the Nokia will be faster and have a better web browser (Nokia's web browser is very good). The LG seems to lean toward social networking, which isn't on your list of requirements.

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