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12/14/10 11:40 PM
Phone for use in Europe & USA

Hi, Please can you help me?! I live part of the year here in America and part in Barcelona, Spain, I would like to buy a nice unlocked phone that has wi-fi and gps and a camera too. If I get an unlocked quadband phone that I can put my vodafone sim card in that I currently have in Spain, which sim card should I buy for here, bearing in mind I am gone for 4 months at a time? The other issue is that if I don't subscribe to a data plan for the wi-fi will most of the modern phones allow me to turn off the internet part (sorry, I'm not very technical!) so it doesn't use all of my credit on my sim?
Any other help/guidance you can offer me would be gratefully received, Thanks.

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12/15/10 05:10 AM
Re: Phone for use in Europe & USA

These days most smartphones have WiFi, a camera and GPS, so that part is easy. Also, most allow you to turn off cellular data so you can stick with WiFi. It's not cheap to get an unlocked iPhone 3GS or 4, but they would fit the bill. So would Android phones, though again you'd have to pay retail via an importer to get an unlocked one (around $500). If you start a contract, which I understand you might not want to do, our US carriers will generally provide an unlock code for contract phones after 2 months of service. In this country, you want a phone that's GSM, and that means T-Mobile or AT&T.

If you're looking for a less expensive or used phone, there are Nokia S60 smartphones that are sold unlocked for less.

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