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02/25/11 04:04 AM
Nokia N900 and Nokia N8 or E7

I saw LisaG's video about the N8 and she mentioned she has a N900. I have a N900 and a N97. I like them both very much. I have had Nokia's since the N-gage QD, most of the communicators, E62, and the E71. I have been looking at the two mentioned above and was wondering if I really gain anything by purchasing either of those or keep my N900????

I don't want to leave Nokia but I have also been looking at the Sony-Ericsson Experia Pro that isn't out yet also as an alternative.

One of the biggest things I miss with my Nokia's is Adobe Flash---the N900 has flash but not current so doesn't work on most news sites and otheres.

Any comments please????


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02/26/11 06:01 PM
Re: Nokia N900 and Nokia N8 or E7

The N900 is still a sweet device with what's still in some ways a more modern tablet and touchscreen aware OS (Maemo). The N8 has a lot more in common with Symbian devices like the N97 and is a bit more awkward in terms of UI than Maemo, iOS and Android. But you would get a newer version of Flash with the N8, something that likely won't get updated on the N900. Personally, I'd stick with the N900 if you can live without the latest and greatest Adobe Flash support.

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