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04/11/11 07:37 PM
Question about the HTC Inspire 4G?

Is the HTC Inspire 4G running the Qualcomm QSD8250 or the MSM8255? The QSD8250 (65nm and Adreno 200) is the first generation chip found in the Nexus One and Samsung Focus. The MSM8255 (45nm and Adreno 205) is the second generation chip found in the myTouch 4G and Thunderbolt (although, the Thunderbolt has the CDMA compatible version, the MSM8655). I'm asking because according to HTC's site, the Inspire 4G runs the "QSD8255". Is that a typo? Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

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04/12/11 02:28 AM
Re: Question about the HTC Inspire 4G?

The Inspire 4G runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8255. That's a second gen Snapdragon CPU with Adreno 205 graphics (and not a typo). The MSM chipsets are more commonly used in CDMA smartphones since they interface well with CDMA (Sprint and Verizon). I'm not sure why the myTouch 4G uses an MSM chipset.

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04/15/11 08:42 PM
Re: Question about the HTC Inspire 4G?

I just did my homework, and, it most likely is a typo. Let me tell you why. Both GSM and CDMA devices use Qualcomm MSM chipsets, BUT, GSM devices use the MSMX2XX chips while CDMA devices use the MSMX6XX chips. Here are some examples:

MSM7227- HTC Aria, palm pixi plus (GSM)
MSM7627- Motorola DEVOUR, palm pixi plus (CDMA)

MSM7230- T-Mobile G2, HP Veer
MSM7630- HTC EVO Shift 4G, HTC Merge

MSM8255- T-Mobile myTouch 4G, HTC Inspire 4G
MSM8655- Thunderbolt by HTC, LG Revolution

MSM8260- HTC Sensation

And then there are some pretty unique chips that Qualcomm announced alongside HP.

They announced the HP Pre3 as having the MSM8x55. Notice how they announced it with an "x" instead of either a "2" or a "6". That's because the HP Pre3 will be both GSM and CDMA, so it will be both MSM8255 and MSM8655.

And then there's the APQ8060 chip that's in the HP TouchPad.

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