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11/22/11 01:25 AM
olde palm & windows 7 (64 bit )

new guy.. I have a palm tungsten c that I can not get to work with windows 7 ( 64 bit )
is there an easy fix ?? I collect hot wheels ( yep, the toy cars ) and I keep track of the collection using my desktop & sync'g the tung. C.. worked great with the XP computer before it died.

the real question, is there a updated PDA or a cel phone ( but use as a PDA ) that will communicate with both the palm os & windows 7 ????

p.s. if possible, keep it real simple

11/22/11 02:38 PM
Re: olde palm & windows 7 (64 bit )

Compatibility of Palm tungsten devices and Windows 7 has been a concern for many people who love palm devices.

How to hotsync my device to Windows 7 or Windows Vista? Well there are three ways.

First is good old USB. This depends on if your new OS is a 32bit system. How to tell if your OS is a 32bit system, go to: Start-->Right click on Computer or My Computer and select Properties. Look for the System Type. If it says 32bit then all you need to do is download Palm Desktop 6.2.2 (Download Here) and a 3rd party program from Pimlico Software located here:, and look for a free program at the bottom of the page called: “PalmHotSyncSetup”.

[UPDATE] Aceeca has come out with 64bit drivers for PalmOS devices! It works with Vista64 and Windows 7 64bit versions! See this thread for download links: 64bit Drivers are HERE!

If you have a 64bit OS below is the only two options you have to sync your Palm OS device. If your computer does not have a Bluetooth or IR adaptor be sure to get one that is compatible to the PC you are using.

Second is Bluetooth. Now if your handheld has a Bluetooth radio you can hotsync though this and not have to worry if you have a 32bit or 64bit OS. To set this up download Palm Desktop 6.2.2 and then look up this link: Depending on your PC you may need to buy a Bluetooth dongle or adaptor. Be sure to get one that is compatible with your system.

Third and last is IR or aka Infrared. This is for the older handheld that do not have Bluetooth. You will need to have an IR port on your computer or find an IR dongle or adaptor for your PC as well. Once you have one look at this link to see how to set one up:


This was posted by forum member Candrews. Here it is if you want to view the whole post yourself: Click Me

1) If you have a Windows 7 version that is compatible with the Windows XP Mode (Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate), go to the Microsoft website and download Virtual PC and the Windows XP Mode application files ( Install both;

2) Install Palm desktop while in the Windows XP Mode;

3) Launch the hot synchronization manager while in the XP Mode;

4) Connect the handheld using the USB cable;

5) Make sure that the handheld is listed under the USB option in the Windows XP Mode toolbar on the top of the screen (you may have to expand the XP Mode window to see it);

6) Start the hot synchronization operation;

7) Go back to the USB option in the Windows XP Mode toolbar and choose “Add” for the Palm devise.

This will start the hot synchronization all right. Tip: If you choose "Add" before starting the syncronization operation, it will not work; follow the sequence above. Obs.: I used the older version of Palm desktop (4.2).

Also as a heads up we do not support Windows 7. The directions here are to help and give a work around for this OS.
The link above contains all the information you need to sync.

If you want to know about the problem in dept there are links though I don't think that you'll need them.


There is a discussion on this topic at

Microsoft actually answers these questions and the link above will take you to a question similar to yours.

You can definitely opt for commercial options like
Though they have a free account which doesn't do much to help.

Keep Posting and let me know if you have solved your problem.

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11/22/11 10:08 PM
Re: olde palm & windows 7 (64 bit )

Very informative post, hcart Thanks.

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11/23/11 12:46 AM
Re: olde palm & windows 7 (64 bit )

thank you very much for the information & links, i will give it a go, nothing to loose.

one question, if I do all this to my pc that has the windows 7, can I still sync my tungsten C with my old XP system too ??

11/24/11 05:35 AM
Re: olde palm & windows 7 (64 bit )

Yes you can still sync your tungsten C with your old XP system. Basically what you are doing is changing the way your windows 7 PC interacts with your Tungsten C but you aren't making any changes to the device firmware as such.

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12/07/11 01:58 AM
Re: olde palm & windows 7 (64 bit )

just an F.Y.I. unable so far @ sync'g the palm & windows 7 pc...

i'm thinking of just replacing the tungsten c with a blackberry or htc or alike ( compat. with the " 7 " ) & just using it as a PDA...

not one to give in, but loosing sleep is just uncalled for..

any suggestions ?? the big concern, would be searching " contacts " numerically NOT by actual name

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