04/20/12 02:44 PM
Newbe---Web Mail Question

New to tablets--haven't purchased yet, my Question ?

I'm a rural Wildblue satellite customer.

Using an android tablet, can I access my wildblue (google) web page (account) and after logging in get my mail through my current e-mail address ?

I other words can I receive, write and send e-mail, as on my desktop.

I don't want to obtain a new address

I've checked many utube sites etc not a clear answer--maybe too basic...but thanks for any help !!!

(Head Honcho)
04/20/12 03:00 PM
Re: Newbe---Web Mail Question

Each webmail provider uses different technology and code, so you won't find a summary statement that all will work or not work. Most that I've tried do work. You can also use the built-in email app to send and receive email, from your account. All standard email account types are supported by Android, Apple and BlackBerry tablets.

04/20/12 11:14 PM
Re: Newbe---Web Mail Question

Thank You,,, for the reply and answer

(Moderator and writer)
04/27/12 06:19 PM
Re: Newbe---Web Mail Question

Although every web mail provider is different, you implied that your webmail is powered by Google. If that is the case, then it uses the same base technology as every other e-mail service powered by Google. So that would mean that, unless your ISP's implementation of Google mail was extremely nonstandard, most likely your experience would be similar to any other webmail powered by Google.

My work e-mail is powered by Google, and it works fine on my iOS devices. I don't use Android, but since Android is itself made by Google, obviously Google webmail works just fine with Android.

If you did indeed mean that your e-mail service is powered by Google, and if you were correct in stating this, then I think there is about a 99% chance it will work correctly. Of course, I can't make any absolute guarantees because I'm not familiar with your specific provider.

04/28/12 02:06 PM
Re: Newbe---Web Mail Question

Thanks for the reply's..I purchased an Lenovo 7.0 Ideapad..My system/e-mail provider works Great on it.....Thanks !!!!

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