(junior member)
09/03/12 10:23 PM
More PSP game reviews!!

Hey guys I've added you guys to my RSS feed on the recommendation of a friend. I love what I see and even recently saw that you have game reviews. The problem is that they are woefully out of date and severely lacking in quantity.

In light of the PS Vita coming out and it having backwards compatibility with PSP Games from the PSN, as well as the fact that thanks to the new firmware update it can now play PS One Classics wouldn't it be a good idea to highlight some of the amazing games that the PSP has on tap via the PSN?

(Head Honcho)
09/04/12 09:49 PM
Re: More PSP game reviews!!

We used to be hot and heavy into PSP and DS game reviews several years ago. We've done a few for the Vita, but the problem is time and staffing. Perhaps in the future, but no promises, sadly.

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