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12/21/12 04:18 AM
Vaio Duo 11 and WiDi quality

So, Lisa seems fairly favorable toward the Vaio duo 11 given it's price, specs and place in the tech spectrum as a tablet/laptop hybrid.

There are early reports (2010) of WiDi being kinda choppy and restricted by DRM. It's been two years since those reports were filed and I'm wondering how the Vaio Duo 11 stacks up to those reports. Processors and integrated graphics have come a long way in 2 years.

Given the Duo 11's ultra portable nature it makes sense to have use WiDi instead of HDMI, especially on an already busy desk. Having an ultra portable PC plugged in and out multiple times a day is a big deal when you've got speakers, paperwork, a PS3, game controllers, a keyboard and mouse, mail, etc. Even with everything neatly organized having something small plugged in and out so often will inevitably lead to a mess.

Given that, WiDi is an attractive alternative and I can't help but notice you didn't mention it in your review. If you did I must have some how missed it, but in any case could you reply with your impression of WiDi as used from a Vaio Duo 11?

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