06/27/04 04:06 AM
web browsing on blackberry?

in the PDA buyers guide review of the blackberry 7280 you said "weak browser if you don't have MDS set up."

what does this mean, and which blackberry model do you recommend for text paging/email + web browsing?


Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
06/28/04 06:10 AM
Re: web browsing on blackberry?

If you didn't have a corp server set up, what the carrier provide is very limited WAP content. The email functions are much better, even if your company has deployed BlackBerry servers. The carrier will offer some advance email management features and will provide the same push email technology and consolidate all your emails addresses into one client. Text messaging works very well on the BlackBerry.

(Head Honcho)
05/09/08 09:47 PM
Re: web browsing on blackberry?

Note that this is an old thread and all recent BlackBerry models have an HTML web browser that is quite decent. A BIS corporate server isn't necessary to browser the web.

(junior member)
11/14/10 09:14 AM
Re: web browsing on blackberry?

I have a RIM 8320, and I must say that it is the best phone I have ever had in years. On a business perspective, I have no problems sending and receiving corporate and personal mails. The browsing experience via Wifi or BIS is adequate. On a more personal note, I think it is the most stable and indestructible BBs in the market.

Anthony Rodriguez

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