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03/18/09 03:01 AM
LG Lotus

I have to say I was super excited about purchasing the Lotus. I was getting rid of my blackberry and my Razor and this seemed the perfect solution. One month after purchasing the phone, I was in the middle of a conversation when the person on the other end could no longer hear me. At that point, my phone was broke. This occured with every call. I could hear them, but they couldn't hear me. I take it in to get fixed and am told that there is "water damage" on the board and my warranty is void. My phone has been no where near water. So, I ask, would sweating while you're talking on the phone cause that? The answer, yes. I live in Arizona for crying out loud. You can't walk outside without sweating and this apparently completely cripples the Lotus. I haven't had that problem with any other cell phone I've ever owned.
LG, please fix the design of your phone so people in Arizona, or anyone who may work out occassionally or happens to be crying while on the phone won't have to puchase another phone!!!!

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03/18/09 03:06 AM
Re: LG Lotus

No, sweating shouldn't cause the water exposure indicator in the phone to turn color. That generally requires immersion. Condensing humidity (think jungle, the opposite of AZ) might do it too. Unless you were literally pouring buckets of sweat (dripping as if you'd just hopped out of a pool)onto the phone, there's no chance. Something else did it-- maybe at the factory or in transit to the store that sold it to you.

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