05/15/09 10:22 AM
PREDICTIVE TEXT in Motorola RazrV9

This is a favorite feature, since I text a lot. It even remembers Hebrew slang [in English characters]. Example: I'll write "Heshbon," the Hebrew word for Account. The next time that I write "he," the predictive text fills in "heshbon."

Am seeking info on how this works? It is "madhim," or mind-blowing!

(Moderator and writer)
05/16/09 01:40 AM
Re: PREDICTIVE TEXT in Motorola RazrV9

Well, mazel tov for discovering that your RAZR has a "learning dictionary"! (iPhones can do that too.) It's not that complicated algorithmically - phones can pay attention to what words you are entering and your usage patterns, and if you enter a certain string often, it will suggest that as a possible auto-completion even if it wasn't in the phone's original dictionary.

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