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09/14/12 01:17 AM
Circuit Breakers: Google Admits It Still Has Pictures of You In The Bathroom

Search giant Google has admitted that it still has photographs of you in the bathroom. Said Google CEO Larry Page, "Yes, we sent out Google Earth photographers. Yes, we gave them cameras to enhance the quality of the service. Yes, we gave them lockpicks, camouflage, and miscellaneous other spy equipment. Yes, we conducted routine surveillance on all your homes and apartments. But we specifically instructed them to stay at least five inches away from the bathrooms!"

When it was discovered that Google had pictures of you in the bathroom, the Privacy Board declared Google to be in violation of your privacy and ordered them to destroy the pictures by August 15th. However, it has now come to light that Google still hasn't complied with that order. Page was quoted as saying, "We respect the ruling of the privacy board and have every intention to comply with it fully. Frankly, we are offended that people jump to the conclusion that we are disrespecting the order, just because we didn't do it."

If Google does not comply with the order, the Privacy Board has the ability to impose sanctions on Google up to and including a strongly worded letter, which may include up to two frownie faces.

Page insists that the incident is unrelated to Google's forthcoming project, "Pictures of You in the Bathroom for Android."

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