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07/12/13 06:48 PM
Circuit Breakers: iPhone 5S Left in A Bar

Authorities are investigating reports that a prerelease prototype iPhone 5S was accidentally left in a shady bar after its owner had a few drinks too many.

The detective initially dispatched to the scene reported, "So I went to this place, and I happened to be carrying my Samsung Galaxy S4, but the bartender was like, 'Hey! No Droids!' So I had to set it aside."

Once inside the bar, the detective says he noticed an older man and a younger gentleman, who he initially mistook for the suspects. "I was just trying to ask them some questions about the case, and before I knew it, things got out of hand, and the old guy pulls out a laser sword and cuts off my arm. Some people!"

The iPhone 5S has not been located yet. "I don't understand it," the detective said. "No phone that small has a cloaking device." The man with the laser sword also fled the scene.

According to one witness, "Auuughghghghghgh!"

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