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05/13/08 06:14 PM
Mac News: Smile! You Stole My MacBook!

When Apple added the "Back To My Mac" feature to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, enabling customers of .Mac to view and control their Macs remotely, little did they know that it would be used to solve a crime. However, that's exactly what happened after Apple Store employee Kait Duplaga, from White Plains, NY, discovered that her MacBook had been stolen when her apartment was broken into and robbed in April.

One of Duplaga's friends noticed that her computer had come back online and contacted Duplaga to ask if she had recovered her computer. But she hadn't. Upon learning that her computer was online, Duplaga used Back To My Mac to log into her MacBook from another computer and then snapped a photo of the thieves using the built-in Photo Booth software.

Friends recognized Edmon Shahikian and Ian Frias as acquaintances who had visited Duplaga's apartment for a party. Duplaga turned this information over to the local police, and both men were arrested. Hopefully, they will learn a lesson from being caught: You don't mess with Mac users.


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