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07/12/08 04:42 PM
iPhone 3G black and white first look and important tidbits

Update: Here's our full review of the iPhone 3G!

Well, after 10 hours in line on Friday at the Apple Store (yikes), we've got both the black and white 16 gig iPhone 3G models in house. Like the first iPhone, they're gorgeous, and we'd say they're even better looking. Both white black are high gloss, but only the black one shows fingerprints (boy does it).

Important facts and things to know:

Activation is working really quickly now. In fact it was flying by 6pm CST. Our iPhones were activated quickly in the store. And later that even we updated our iPhone 2G phones with the 2.0 OS and activated them easily.

1. At the Apple Store, first you pick out your phone model, then they ask for your AT&T phone number (if you're already a customer) and determine your upgrade pricing. If you're switching from another carrier you'll need the phone number you wish to port and your account number. If you have any "tricky" issues like an AT&T FAN account, upgrade glitches or are switching from a pre-paid to post-paid iPhone account, you'll need to go to an AT&T store because Apple store reps don't have access to the innards of AT&T accounts. Next they'll send you to a MacBook where they'll connect the iPhone via USB cable and have you log in to your iTunes account to activate the phone. If you don't have an iTunes account, you'll have to create one there or at home before you come to the store.

2. The iPhone 3G has middle of the road reception that's better than the LG Vu, just a hair weaker than the Tilt and not as good as the RF king Nokia N95 US 3G. The iPhone 3G does tenaciously hold onto a 3G signal and if it loses it to EDGE, it will switch back to 3G more quickly that most phones. It's clearly designed to prefer 3G over EDGE/GSM.

3. DSL Reports mobile speed test (we use that test for all phones) gave a 350 kbps result with 65% signal strength over HSDPA. That's not as good as some Windows Mobile Pro phones (they're generally the fastest at data transfer) but it's not bad by any means. With full signal (within 1/2 mile of a cell tower) the iPhone did manage a very impressive 768k!

4. Yes, the iPhone 3G has a yellow cast to the display which isn't noticeable until you compare it to the very cool white original iPhone. Every iPhone 3G we've seen is this way, so it's apparently not a defect but by design. Perhaps Apple though warm white was more pleasing or more visible outdoors. Perhaps the new LCD is just inherently warmer. It really doesn't bug us at any rate-- the screen looks fantastic.

5. When you buy the iPhone 3G, they give you a new SIM, even if you're upgrading from the iPhone 2G. Goodness knows why. This SIM works just fine in other GSM phones for voice and data We tested it in the iPhone 2G, E-TEN Glofiish M810 (our review of that WinMo phone is coming soon) and in the Nokia N95-3. Be sure not to use the AT&T proxy in your internet settings if you're using the iPhone 3G SIM.

6. Call quality is definitely better as is the speaker for both calls and multimedia.

7. The GPS is wickedly fast using the included (Google) Maps.

8. We're not moaning about battery life just yet. Give us a few more days to opine on that.

Here's our full review of the iPhone 3G. .

Please feel free to post questions!


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07/14/08 02:00 AM
Re: iPhone 3G black and white first look and important tidbits

Wow, both! And I still don't have either.

Is "AAAUUUUGHHH!" a question?

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07/14/08 02:26 AM
Re: iPhone 3G black and white first look and important tidbits

Bummer! Had the Apple store run out by the time you got back there (after the shuffle between Apple store and AT&T store on Friday)?

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07/14/08 03:54 AM
Re: iPhone 3G black and white first look and important tidbits

They still had plenty, but the AT&T store didn't. I kept asking the AT&T guy if I could go back to the Apple Store to complete the process, but he seemed puzzled and reacted almost like I had suggested going to the moon to finish. He insisted on ordering one for me, and the order still hasn't even shown up in AT&T's order status system.

The activation systems definitely are recovering though, so at least my old iPhone works again.

Edit: Whoops... I finally found the order. The key was to enter the store's ZIP code and not mine.

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07/14/08 04:04 AM
Re: iPhone 3G black and white first look and important tidbits

thanks for the information

07/16/08 12:02 AM
Re: iPhone 3G black and white first look and important tidbits

Lisa, you had waited for 10hours? My, did you bring a chair with you :-)
I like the white one too. Just like I like Verizon Touch (which is white) better than Sprint's one (which is black). But, there are a lot of people who don't share the same taste as me. Somehow they just don't like phones in white.

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07/16/08 12:16 AM
Re: iPhone 3G black and white first look and important tidbits

Wish I had brought a chair. Of course when we got there, we had no idea it would take *that* long! The white is really lovely, and it doesn't show fingerprints nearly as much . But then the black is very slick looking, as long as you keep the included cleaning cloth handy .

Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
07/16/08 02:46 PM
Re: iPhone 3G black and white first look and important tidbits

Yeah, the guy behind me went to an AT&T store at 6am and waited for 2 hours and left because they only had 1 black 16gig left and 12 whites. He wanted a black one, so he waited in line for 10 hours to get a black one.

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