Tong Zhang
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07/29/08 04:13 PM
PSP Game: Fading Shadows Dungeon Crawler Coming to PSP This August

Agetec has announced the "Fading Shadows" for the PSP (PlayStationPortable) system is set to be released in August. Here is more info on the game:

In Fading Shadows, evil is never very far away. Aira and her brother, Erywn, were living peacefully on the joyful side of the world when the villainous Master Gardal captured Erwyn. Gardal plans on overthrowing the famed Castle of Heaven - which is the supreme fortress built to protect the world from forces of darkness. According to an ancient prophecy, in order for Gardal to breach the castle gates, a sacrifice of a pure and untainted soul, Erwyn?s, must be made. While sitting in the dungeon and awaiting his execution, Aira seals her brother?s soul inside a single teardrop and transforms the teardrop into a protective orb. Now, to save her brother, she must safely guide the orb back to the Castle of Heaven using a magical beam of light.

Fading Shadows has the player take control of a beam of light in order to lead an orb through dungeons, swamps, mountains, and around rivers - all while avoiding traps and solving increasingly difficult puzzles! Players will also need to keep up with their surroundings as they occasionally transform the orb?s state to either glass, metal, or wood. Players must do whatever it takes to save Aira?s brother from his cruel fate and return him home.

Game features:

50 unique levels
Travel through dungeons, swamps, snow-covered mountains, rivers, and beautiful gardens
Set fire and evaporate water
Three types of sphere: glass, wood, and metal; each with its own characteristics
Numerous interactive mechanisms
High score table
Tutorial to practice your controls
There is a story behind the game
2-player's co-operative mode

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