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08/11/08 04:22 AM
iPhone News: $1,000 Prank App Sells Eight Copies

Apple's App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch features a variety of programs at a range of prices - but even though many games cost $10 or less, and some apps are 99 cents or even free, it seems like there is always at least one user who complains that an app costs too much.

Armin Heinrich says he was simply parodying this fact when he released "I Am Rich" on the App Store at a cost of $1,000. The program does nothing other than displaying a ruby on the iPhone screen. However, the situation didn't seem so funny after the App Store recorded eight purchases for "I Am Rich."

Some users report buying the app by mistake or using the "One-Click" purchase feature, not thinking the purchase would actually go through. In fact, two of the sales have already been refunded, with Heinrich stating that he doesn't mind if the buyers' money is refunded.

Apple has not commented about "I Am Rich" at this time, but it appears that the program is no longer listed on Heinrich's page on the App Store.


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(Moderator and writer)
02/25/09 06:47 PM
Re: iPhone News: $1,000 Prank App Sells Eight Copies

It's BACK, for Android!!


(Head Honcho)
02/25/09 06:52 PM
Re: iPhone News: $1,000 Prank App Sells Eight Copies

And for the bargain price of $200 . I guess open source operating systems get a price break?

(Moderator and writer)
02/25/09 07:23 PM
Re: iPhone News: $1,000 Prank App Sells Eight Copies

Yes, some people have said that it doesn't make sense for "I Am Rich" to be $999 while "I Am Richer" is only $200 - but they are both simply charging the maximum prices allowed by their respective stores.

(Moderator and writer)
10/19/09 03:21 AM
Re: iPhone News: $1,000 Prank App Sells Eight Copies

This story just won't go away! Now this app has not only been approved, but somehow its first three reviews are all for five stars!

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