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08/19/08 11:23 PM
Samsung Omnia Video Review

As promised in our Samsung Omnia first look review, here's our video review of the i900.

The fist video covers the UI, Samsung's widget Today screen and other 2 more traditional home screens and the Opera 9.5 web browser:

The second video covers Samsung's on-screen keyboards, the GPS with Google maps, gaming and video playback using Samsung's Touch Player:

Enjoy and feel free to post more questions. Our in-depth final review will follow later this week.


08/22/08 07:18 PM
Re: Samsung Omnia Video Review

Lisa, is there a shortcut or button to push to display WM original homepage if you pick Samsung's theme? Also, how sensitive is the touch screen? Is it more like HTC or more like iphone? I just wonder because it doesn't have a stylus. Thank you Lisa.

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08/22/08 07:35 PM
Re: Samsung Omnia Video Review

There's no shortcut to switch to the standard Today screen-- the only way is to go to Today settings and change the today screen. That said, you can use any and all standard WinMo Today screen plugins with the Samsung 1 and Samsung 2 Today screens. But if you love the Widgets home screen, then there's no easy way to get to the traditional view.

So far no touch screen phone is like the iPhone's (lucky Apple). The Omnia's sensitivity seems well-suited to the TouchWiz UI. It's hard to compare it to the Diamond directly since the Omnia has haptics and haptic screens feel and behave differently from traditional resistive touch screens. But I'd say that the Omnia's screen is definitely more sensitive than the Touch Diamond's (requires less pressure).

A stylus is included, BTW-- but there's no silo to store it. You've got to attach it via the short cord to the lanyard mount (I'll include photos of it in our full review that's coming out later today). The only times I've needed it though were 1) to demo gaming for the video so I wouldn't block the video camera's view 2) handwriting recognition (which I don't bother using much on the Omnia).

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