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01/14/09 08:44 PM
iPod News: i.Sound Introduces Ice Speakers

i.Sound introduces the Ice Speakers as the newest addition to their established line of high quality speaker units. These crystal clear, compact speakers glow with illumination from blue LED lights and are compatible with any audio device that uses a 3.5 mm audio jack including all iPod models.

The first and only speakers of their kind, Ice Speakers are tiny, transparent speakers that glow with ultra-bright blue LED lights when in use, making them the most stylish units on the market. The crystallized PC Plastic forming the speakers' housing is the clearest plastic available, and the substantial weight for the speakers' diminutive size hints at the superior audio technology housed within.

The Ice Speakers' convenient features complement the cutting edge design: The miniature size and the deluxe travel case allow users to easily take them on the go, whether to work, school or from room to room. The included AC adapter is also compatible with iPod and other MP3 players' original USB cable, so users can charge their devices in between play time. This extra feature ensures that users are ready to combat low battery life at any time.

Ideal for jazzing up computer desks and illuminating your favorite space, i.Sound's Ice Speakers are an essential accessory for anyone who wants a fashionable alternative to bulky, unattractive sound systems.

The Ice Speakers ($39.99) are currently available. For more information, visit www.iSound.net.


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