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02/01/09 04:49 AM
Video review: BlackBerry Curve 8900 on T-Mobile

We've have the BlackBerry Curve 8900 on T-Mobile (aka Javelin) in house, and here's our video review that covers the smartphone's design and ports, GPS, gaming, youtube, what's in the box and how it compares to its close cousin the BlackBerry Bold.

What we like about the BlackBerry Curve 8900:
Size and ergonomics-- it feels great in the hand and is smaller than the Bold
High res 480 x 360 display that's super-sharp
WiFi with UMA calling
GPS that works well with Telenav and BlackBerry maps
Classy design that looks less plasticky than prior Curve models

What we don't like so much:
Smaller keyboard compared to the Bold, though it's still quite decent
High res 2.4" screen (man, those fonts are tiny!)
Good camera (3.2 megapixel with autofocus lens)
Initial release firmware is a bit buggy (as always, we're sure RIM will have updates ASAP)

Stay tuned for our full written review next week!


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