Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
02/05/09 06:28 PM
Proporta Introduces Universal Emergency Charger

Proporta has introduced the Proporta Universal Emergency Charger that can charge your iPod, mobile phone, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and digital camera. Here is more info about this Proporta charger:

There's nothing worse than running out of battery, whether it's on the train to work or the plane abroad. Following the success of their Mobile Device Charger, Proporta are pleased to announce their new model, the Universal Emergency Charger. This sleek, portable gadget allows you to power up any device that charges from a USB socket up to three times.

The Universal Emergency Charger packs an impressive 2500mAh of power, and can be charged from any convenient USB port. It comes complete with a USB to Mini USB cable and a retractable cable with adaptors that allow you to charge and recharge your Nokia, Micro USB, PSP, Samsung, iPod or Sony Ericsson device anywhere. Anything that charges from a USB will work with this ridiculously handy device, meaning you can charge your mobile gadgets again and again (and again) wherever you are.

Key Features

-Charge anywhere, recharge anything - standard USB input and output

- Comes with USB to Mini USB cable, and a retractable cable which is compatible with the following inter-changeable connector heads: 1 x Nokia Slim, 1 x Sony Ericsson, 1 x iPod, 1 x USB to Mini USB, 1 x Micro USB, 1 x Samsung, 1 x PSP.

-Power indicator LED shows when you're low on juice

-Impressive 2500mAh storage (recharge your devices and gadgets several times)

-Powerful 5v, 800mA output (enough for even the most power-hungry mobile devices).

The Proporta Emergency charger is priced at $44.45. Here is the web site


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