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02/05/09 08:36 PM
News: MiniWiz Announces HYmini Charger

MiniWiz has announced the HYmini portable charger, a "hy"brid device that can receive power from many sources and use it to recharge iPods, iPhones, and any other mobile device that can charge over a USB connection.

The HYmini's solar panels enable it to charge from the sun - this is an increasingly popular option, but the fact remains that solar power is often not enough on its own to charge many mobile devices. However, with the HYmini, that's no problem, because it also features a portable wind power generator that is the first of its kind. Still not enough? You can also charge it with a hand crank - and yes, you can also just plug it in.

The HYmini measures 5.4 x 3.4 x 1.3 inches and features 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery capable of outputting power in the range of 200 mA - 850 mA (depending on devices). It is available now at an estimated street price of $75; additional accessories are also available to help you mount the HYmini on a bicycle, or even on your arm. For more inforamtion, please visit http://www.hymini.com.


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