Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
05/03/09 05:51 PM
Mother's Day Giveaway: Some Griffin iPhone and iPod Accessory Goodness!

If you are looking for something to get for Mother's Day, we've got some goodies to give away! We have three awesome Griffin iPhone and iPod accessories: the Griffin TuneFlex AUX with SmartClick, Griffin WindowSeat and Griffin PowerDock 2. We do you have to do? Register on our forums if you haven't already, post a story of how a mother you know (your mother, grandmother, your children's mother, etc.) uses technology for productivity, fun, etc. If she is a geek, all the better, tell us a story of how geeky she is.

We will select 3 winners, each will get one of the items in the giveaway on Friday, May 8th. So please post your entry by the end of the Friday, 5pm EST.

Good luck! Let the sharing begin!


Here is some info on the Griffin iPhone/iPod accessories we are giving away:

TuneFlex AUX SmartClick
Car mount, charger and remote control for iPod and iPhone

Play your iPod through your car stereo while it charges. TuneFlex AUX is the perfect in-car solution, with the convenience of a steering-wheel-mounted remote control.

Position the mount on the steering wheel near your fingers for convenient control that never makes you take your eyes off the road, yet never interferes with your steering. The remote is held on the mount magnetically, and can be removed for use by anyone in the car.

TuneFlex plugs into the auto accessory port or cigarette lighter to charge your iPod. The flexible steel neck is adjustable to hold your iPod where you want it. The included stereo mini cable connects TuneFlex to your stereo?s AUX-in jack for clean, interference-free sound. The package includes a set of snap-on adapters to ensure a secure mount for recent full-size iPod and iPod nano models. Included cable strap prevents tangles.

* Mount, charge and play your iPod in your car
* Wireless remote control comes with steering wheel mount
* Flexible steel neck and swiveling cradle positions your iPod where you want it
* Line-out port and included audio cable connect TuneFlex to AUX In-equipped car stereos


Multiple charging bases for iPod and iPhone

Put an end to family power struggles (literally) with PowerDock.

Does your family own a family of iPod or iPhone models? Can you only find one charger when all of you need to recharge? Call a cease-fire with PowerDock, a charging base where every iPod and iPhone in the house can get together to charge its batteries.

Just slip your iPod or iPhone into place to safely charge. Models available with two or four Apple Universal Docks built into a single charging base. Substantial brushed aluminum with a grippy rubber base stays put on countertops and desktops. Includes a collection of Universal Dock insert adapters to ensure that every iPod and iPhone in the house gets a place at the table.

PowerDock comes boxed with a set of Universal Dock adapters to fit most dockable iPods, but initial shipping units do not have a 3G universal dock adapter included. You can get dock adapters for these iPods here, for just $1.99 each. At retail stores, PowerDock units listed as iPhone 3G compatible will have the 3G adapter included.


* Charging base plugs into standard 120VAC wall outlet
* Sturdy brushed metal base stays put on your desk
* Charges any combination of iPod models
* 8 Universal Dock inserts included to fit most iPod models that charge by Dock Connector
* Certified by Apple as a "Works with iPhone" product
* Certified by Apple as a "Made for iPod" product

Technical Specifications

* Power input: 110-240V AC @50-60 Hz
* Power output: 5V DV @ 1.2 Amps
* AC Power supply: 6' (1.8m)
* 8 Universal Dock inserts included to fit most iPod models that charge by Dock Connector


Windshield Mount for iPhone & iPod touch

Keep your iPhone or iPod touch safe and in view with WindowSeat.

WindowSeat mounts your iPhone or 2nd generation iPod touch at eye level on your car?s windshield or dashboard, putting all of your street maps, directions (and more) within view and easily within reach.

WindowSeat?s mounting bracket grips your iPhone or iPod touch securely, and allows angle adjustment for easy viewing. A convenient corner-release lets you easily detach your device when you arrive at your destination; WindowSeat stays locked in position, ready for the next time you use it.

* High-grip silicone suction pad easily and quickly attaches to your windshield or other nonporous surface and stays put.
* Mounting bracket securely holds iPhone or iPod touch with easy access to dock connector and headphone jack.
* Can be used with Griffin PowerJolt charger, or other in-car charging solution.
* Includes an audio cable for convenient connection to AUX-In-equipped car stereos.
* Good-looking, durable materials complement your vehicle?s interior and withstand the temperature shifts that go with that environment.
* Swiveling ball-and-socket joint lets you adjust the viewing angle quickly and easily, and stays where you point it.
* Included adapter accommodates steeply angled windshields.
* Comes with cradles for iPhone, iPhone 3G, and 2nd generation iPod touch.

For more info on these Griffin products visit


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Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
05/04/09 05:17 PM
Re: Mother's Day Giveaway: Some Griffin iPhone and iPod Accessory Goodness!


Also if you are a mother, feel free to share your own stories to enter the contest. Tell us how technology is part of your life.

(junior member)
05/05/09 12:52 PM
Re: Mother's Day Giveaway: Some Griffin iPhone and iPod Accessory Goodness!

What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

My story is about my Mom. She just started using computers about 2 or 3 years ago. And this year she has finally signed up for facebook!! She never really understood it, always heard my sister and I talking about it. But now that's she on it, she loves it! She makes status updates, she finds old friends from high school and neighbors that have moved away and leaves comments. And her 56th birthday was 2 days ago and she received more HAPPY BIRTHDAY comments than I got on my birthday! haha She's quite popular. But it's nice to see her getting involved in today's technology and connecting with people from her past. Maybe I can get her on twitter soon


(PDA Addict)
05/07/09 08:23 PM
Re: Mother's Day Giveaway: Some Griffin iPhone and iPod Accessory Goodness!

Almost didn't see this contest! Thank you for doing this.

My Mom travels for her work a lot. She used to use this beat up flip phone to keep in touch with her office and with us. That was fine until she got an iphone! She loves it very much. She not only uses it for keeping touch but also listens to her music and even watches YouTube videos on it. I think she might give up me and my brother before she gives up her iPhone. Well, maybe not quite. Hehehe...

(junior member)
05/08/09 04:38 PM
Re: Mother's Day Giveaway: Some Griffin iPhone and iPod Accessory Goodness!

My wife is a mother of our 10 month old son. She's also a grad student and uses her iPhone to keep track of classes she takes and teaches, as well as pediatrician appointments, babysitters and more.
She could definitely use a car mount since she takes the iPhone everywhere and uses maps too. Thanks!

Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
05/08/09 11:49 PM
Re: Mother's Day Giveaway: Some Griffin iPhone and iPod Accessory Goodness!

Congratulations, you are all winners!!

Thank you very much for sharing your stories with everyone! We wish all the mothers out there have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Winners will get a private email from us to arrange the shipping.


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