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07/30/09 07:25 PM
New Sony eBook Readers leaked: PRS-300 and PRS-600

The sleuths in the Mobileread forums have found leaked service manuals for two new Sony Reader models. These came from the Sony Insider forum but the PDF manuals have been pulled from there. You can still get them (for now) from the MobileRead thread. We'd guess these will be ready for a fall release. Given the languages available in the companion quick start guides described in the documents, these models should be available in the US, UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Neither has WiFi or 3G but one does have a touch screen and the other looks to be an affordable/ultra-portable model. Color options are black, silver and red. Undoubtedly, a Danielle Steel designer model in some trendy color will follow .

The PRS-300 is a smaller eBook reader with no SD/Memory Stick Duo card slot and no MP3 player. Clearly this will be the budget model that's also even more portable than the PRS-505. It will have around 400 megs of storage.

The PRS-600 looks very interesting. From the parts and specs, it ostensibly seems very similar to the current Sony Reader PRS-505 but it adds a touch screen with no backlighting. Sony did a fantastic job with the Sony Reader PRS-700's touch screen features and usability but the viewing was not up to eInk standards. We're really crossing our fingers that this one will have a clear e-Ink display-- that would be heavenly.

We clipped this from the Sony Reader PS-600 service manual PDF.

The PRS-600 has all the features of the Sony Reader PRS-505 such has an MP3 player, SD and Memory Stick Duo card slots and over 300 megs of internal storage.

You can check out the full thread at MobileRead and download the service manual PDFs (until Sony has them pulled, that is):


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