Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
08/03/09 06:16 PM
iPhone Game: Bomb Commander Deploys on iTunes App Store

Prepare yourself for an intense battle to save the Earth from total annihilation with the release of Bomb Commander today in the App Store. Developed by ANIMA Entertainment, Bomb Commander rests the fate of the world on your fingers as you seek to end a massive alien invasion from completely eliminating the human race. Armed with the fiercest arsenal of bombs ever to hit mobile gaming, battle treacherous foes in outer space using both smart tactics and quick, precise maneuvers on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

"Game Features:

? Ultimate Bombing Power ? Use blast-bombs, lightning bombs and black-hole bombs to create chain reactions and conquer your foes.
? Unique Gaming Mechanics ? Providing a whole-new spin on the ?space invasion? genre, take advantage of precision touch controls that one can only experience on the iPhone!
? Beautiful Space Environments ? Marvel at the chaos and destruction as you bomb your way through the scenic depths of space.
? Track Scores via Online Leaderboards ? Show off your bombing skills to the world through online leaderboards and the tracking of your scores.

Think. Bomb. Win."

Bomb Commander is available for purchase today in the App Store for $1.99. Here is the iTunes link


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(PDA Addict)
08/08/09 08:02 PM
Re: iPhone Game: Bomb Commander Deploys on iTunes App Store

Hey Gang,

While I hope to get a review out soon, it's a pretty cute game that seems to combine the best of tap reaction like games, Missile Command, and a little Sneezies - Chain Reaction. Pretty cute.

Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
08/08/09 08:15 PM
Re: iPhone Game: Bomb Commander Deploys on iTunes App Store

The game looks to have a frantic gameplay.

Look forward to reading your review, LordGek!


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