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08/07/09 12:24 PM
iPhone Game Review: Spy Bot Chronicles

iPhone Game Review: Spy Bot Chronicles

A platform game always brings back some good memories and a new good one, like Spy Bot Chronicles, can create new ones!

Loading time is short and soon you'll be presented with a well designed interface, colorful and animated. The presentation is top-notch.

A New Game revels the story of Spy Bot: ?Toy Bot has been kidnapped!?. Yes, your mission is to save the well known Toy Bot!

In order to accomplish the game main goal you have to beat 4 different zones which means several levels, hours of gameplay.


You learn how to play along with the game itself. It?s a walk in the park!

There?s no doubt that Spy Bot has one of the best controls for an iPhone/iPOD Touch device platform game.

First of all they are simple: directional arrows (left/right), a Jump button (keep pressing Jump to go even higher) and tap the screen to shot. By the way, the ability to shot is acquired along the level though I think it?d be clearer to shot as soon as you start the game. And if you are lefty just check the Options because you were not forgotten. It?s a really thoughtful touch.

Along with walking, jumping and shooting enemies you have also some obstacles to pass by. Most of them you have to shot in order to e.g. make some rocks roll. This kind of puzzle element is very nice and gives the game a good dynamic.

The game starts slowly and easy but soon you?ll face some challenges. Jump timing and some strategic shooting will be necessary. Although I didn?t finish the game I may say it?s well balanced so far. Anyway, an easy mode would be welcomed.

One great thing about this game is its check points. You may lose your lives but you can also restart from the last check point. This feature makes the game enjoyable rather than frustrating.


The Spy Bot artwork is polished. A bit nostalgic because it reminds me Mario Bros. in some good way.

Animations are smooth but there?s no great effects along the game. I may say there?s a good balance between graphics and animations.


The background music is OK. It matches the gameplay and adds that arcade feeling for each mission.

The sounds effects are also good. Jump and shooting feedback are there.

The game also supports iPOD music. Unfortunately it is in a limited way. Once the iPOD music is started (before loading the game or within the game Options) the game sound effects are disabled. The ideal scenario is to have both iPOD music and game sound effects enabled by default. Then an option (or a volume bar) to disable game sounds.


- good graphics
- great controls including a lefty hand option
- check points
- it can properly resume
- balanced gameplay


- there?s no easy mode
- iPOD music disables game sound effects
- only one landscape orientation supported (volume button down)


A great and polished platform game with an excellent pace. Several checkpoints makes it very enjoyable along with its perfect controls.

Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics: -4.5 - well designed
Sound: -4- good music and effects
Controls: -5- you won?t miss hard buttons
Gameplay: -4.5- it?s well balanced

Playing Hints and Tips:

- Read the in-game tips
- Jump higher (tap and hold) along with double jump (tap-hold then again tap-hold) may help
- To better double jump wait Spy Bot get some high than tap and hold again (it?s all about a good timing)

Game Facts:
Developer: IUGO
Release Date: Aug 5, 2009
Genre: Arcade, Platform
Price: $ 0.99 (introductory sale)
Buy Game: iTunes App Store

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08/07/09 02:26 PM
Re: iPhone Game Review: Spy Bot Chronicles

While not a fan of platformers, I have to admit your review, Carlos, almost makes it look fun!

Tong Zhang
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08/07/09 02:42 PM
Re: iPhone Game Review: Spy Bot Chronicles

Love those Mario Bros platformers!

The graphics in this game looks really good.

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08/07/09 04:37 PM
Re: iPhone Game Review: Spy Bot Chronicles

Just in time... Here's the game video:

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