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09/09/09 06:34 PM
iTunes 9 is here and iPhone OS 3.1 is coming

Today at a press conference in San Francisco, Apple's Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller unveiled the latest version of iTunes 9, available for free download now (just don't expect a fast download today since everyone's trying to get it).

- iTunes 9 extends Genius features to include not just music but applications.

- iTunes LP brings back the fun of records (those under 20 just trust me). This means liner notes, lyrics, videos, interviews and more. We assume this costs more than just the straight album, we're still waiting for iTunes 9 to download so we can take it for a spin.

- Got 50 apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch and find it tedious to drag them around from screen to screen? Now you can use iTunes to arrange your apps via an on-screen representation of your device in iTunes. This feature requires not just iTunes 9 but also iPhone OS 3.1 which we assume is coming soon.

- Home Sharing Now you can share content with up to 5 other users/computers/iTunes account in your humble abode. You could share music before but now everything's covered- movies, TV show and applications.


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