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09/20/09 01:59 AM
iPhone Game Releases: What happened?

iPhone Game Releases: What happened?

For the first time since App Store I faced myself purchasing one game after another, filling more than on page of my iPhone without even playing, due the unexpected amount of releases in the last 24 hours or so.

What happened? I am not sure but it seems Apple accelerated the approval process for some reason. It was not so good for some developers but for some of us, gamers, it was great!

Are you completely lost? If so, here are some of the new games I?ve tried and enjoying so far:


Unify Preview from zach gage on Vimeo.

iBlast Moki

Castle Warriors

Against The Fire

Ancient War

Zombie Pizza


Above & Beyond Air Combat

Eleminis: Click here for an online demo!


I?m sure you will find something here but let me know if you have a good game that I didn?t mention. Have fun!!

Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
09/20/09 05:19 AM
Re: iPhone Game Releases: What happened?

Wow! Really, what happened? So many great games all came out this weekend!

This is awesome, Carlos!! Thank you for sharing this. Will have to grab some of them! The app screens are filling up quickly on the iPhone indeed.

MTR iPhone Game Reviews

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09/20/09 05:25 AM
Re: iPhone Game Releases: What happened?

Did you like Zombie Pizza...that one is definitely interesting sounding.

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09/20/09 05:09 PM
Re: iPhone Game Releases: What happened?

It's a time management alike game with a very creative theme.

You have 3 receipts to deliver (more points to less: 4 like elements, 2/2 like elements and 4 different elements).

You play the game in five weeks.

Each week has 7 days (the last week displays just one day). The score and medal is saved for each day. If you pass one day you unlock the next one.

There's no survival mode (as far as I can see).

It's polished. Good animations and sounds. For $0.99 I think it's worth a try.

(Moderator and writer)
09/20/09 09:21 PM
Re: iPhone Game Releases: What happened?

Here are some classic games that still really need an iPhone version:

1) Super Off Road - yes, the iPhone already has some cool, modern, 3D off-road truck racing games available, and that's great - but I need some retro 2D racing action!

2) Lemmings - but how about some new levels and abilities after 15+ years??

3) Glider - this game is kind of close but not close enough.

4 Shufflepuck - the App Store has a game called "Shufflepuck," but it has nothing to do with the classic Mac game that was so addictive it was banned from my elementary school. This game is sort of similar to the old Mac game, but not exactly.

5. Everything from Ambrosia - especially Maelstrom, Bubble Trouble, and Apeiron.

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