Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
10/05/09 09:34 PM
Upcoming iPhone Game: RavenSword Action RPG

RavenSword is an awesome-looking game that will hit the Apple's App Store soon. It's an epic Action RPG for the iPhone and iPod Touch. More info on the game:

Ravensword boasts an open world environment and a wide cast of characters, with the current list nearing 50. The game boasts impressive 3D visuals and a huge world map packed with beasts, NPCs, side quests and mini games.

Controls are similar to most of the other 3d games, Hero of Sparta and Assasin's Creed. The big difference with RavenSword ? The Fallen King is that is has tilt look up and down, and it has First Person Mode. There?s also a recalibrate button right at the top right just in case you change positions while playing (standing or sitting)

Gameplay video:

We will update you when the game is released.


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