Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
12/03/09 11:07 PM
Upcoming iPhone Game: Speed Forge Extreme

Ratsquare has submitted Speed Forge Extreme racing game to the Apple App Store. More about the game:

Speed Forge is a dynamic, full of action combat racing game. The only rule in the race is to be first. Destroy your opponents with guns, rockets, and mines - do what ever it takes to be first! Take a break from racing and practice your combat skills on one of the arena maps. Enjoy beautiful graphics utilizing the newest hardware.

Background Introduction

MARS 2142....

It has been 60 years since the colonization and thousands of factories and mines have sprung up across miles of the inhospitable Red Planet.

In the past decade, industries prospered leading to vast settlements of over half a million inhabitants.

Crime is rampant, time is abundant and the citizens are looking for some entertainment...

"Speed Forge": Heavy duty hover vehicles, normally used for mining are now seen in illegal races organized in abandoned factories and dark Marsian alleys. The rock crushing explosives once used in these machines now serve a different purpose...

Game Features

Dynamic gameplay
Realistic physics simulation
Beautiful graphics
12 racing tracks
4 deadly arenas
6 different vehicles
Diversify weaponry
Graphics improvements for iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3G (full screen motion blur)


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(PDA Addict)
12/04/09 02:47 AM
Re: Upcoming iPhone Game: Speed Forge Extreme

Definitively the game looks good. Unfortunately it does not have a mini map so we can see how far or ahead the opponents are. It seems a rule (the lack of a mini map) for this kind of race.

Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
12/04/09 03:27 AM
Re: Upcoming iPhone Game: Speed Forge Extreme

Yeah, even without a mini map, the UI looks quite busy.

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