Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
01/21/10 05:57 PM
Upcoming iPhone Game: Tehra: Dark Warrior 3D Action Game Coming to iPhone and iPod touch

StormBasic has announced its upcoming iPhone and iPod touch game, Tehra: Dark Warrior, to the iTunes AppStore on Feb. 9th. Tehra: Dark Warrior is an action 3D game, set in a fantasy world where you fight as Tehra, (a hybrid creature that's part human, part devil) against monstrous creatures, Orcs, undeads, and a horde of other beasts, before facing Bacdar, the King of demons. The game is conceived as a classic action hack?n?slash and adventures, based on a fantasy world. Our heroine, Tehra will progress along the game increasing her combat skills, magical power and being able of becoming a more brutal evil version, with extraordinary power.

Key Features:

? Tehra has two sides as a character: a human and a devil one.

? Easy to play. The player will get the controls in a few minutes.

? Player magic and combat skills evolution.

? Great history mode and challenging minigames include a survival style game for fast-playing.

? Online community, powered by AGON. Check your position at the worldwide leaderboards! Geolocation is supported!

? Defeat enemies and complete levels to win Awards and unlock Challenges. Show them to your friends using Facebook or Twitter.

? Hours of gameplay.

? NextGen 3D graphics, with use of OpenGL|ES 2.0 shaders for special effects as Bloom, Shockwaves, etc. (if hardware supports it, such as iPhone 3GS version).

Here are some screen shots:


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